White Gloss Bridal Table
Liz Bridal Table
Floral Runner with Cascading sides & Floating Candles at base.
Monica Bridal Table
Sectionss with a combination of Florals and Candles on Top and Base of Bridal Table

*Floral colours customisable
*Candle Combination Customisable
Simone Bridal Table
Barbara Bridal Table
**Florals Cascading to sides of Bridal Table + Candle Clusters at base.
Anne-Marie Bridal Table
Natalie Bridal Table
Jessica Bridal Table
Floral Runner + Candle Cluster Base
Sandra Bridal Table
Floral Runner + Candle Clusters at Intervals
Cindy Boho Bridal Table
Mon Bridal Table
White Orchid Runner & Pillar Candle Cluster Array
Kristina Floral Runner
Shannen Bridal Table
Floral Runner + Candle Cluster Base
Brianna Bridal Table
- Clear Main Bridal Table
(up to 12m)
- Clear Cube Cake Table
Floral & Candle Cluster
Sylvia Floral Runner
Stephanie Floral Runner
Irini Bridal Table
Miriam Floral Runner
Drosia Bridal Table
Sections of florals with gold cleo candle holders and taper candles
Sally Floral Runner
Stephanie Floral Cascade
Floral Runner + Side Cascade with Candles at Base
Dipped Garden Cascade
Orchid & Blossom Cascade
Black Gloss Bridal Table
**This bridal table pictured extends to the floor - covering the stage as well

**The option of just the bridal table and not covering the stage is also available.
Kelly Floral Runner
Amanda Bridal Table
Foliage & Fuchsia
Mixture of Fuchsia Orchids,
Foliage + Fuchsia Florals, Slight Burgundy + Red.

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Bridal Table


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