White Cyclone Centrepiece
Barbara Centrepiece
Yvette Centrepiece
Orchid Casper Centrepiece
Georgie Centrepiece
Orchid King Table
Suitable for King Tables
Customisable to king table sizes.
Blossom & Orchid Halo
1.5m Height
White Geo Halo
1.5m Height
White Double Halo
1.5m Tall

* Hanging glass baubles, and floral arrangements optional
Alexa Orchid Centrepiece
Selena Centrepiece
Selena & Bauble Centrepiece
Jessica White Centrepiece
Lady Marie Centrepiece
Orchid Sara Centrepiece
Cassie Centrepiece
Cassie & Bauble Centrepiece
Emily Centrepiece
Gold 98cm Vase
+ Large White Blossom Arrangement
Sevi Centrepiece
Orchid Elizabeth Centrepiece
Gold Elizabeth Centrepiece
Zara Centrepiece
Emma Centrepiece
Rita Centrepiece
Lena Gold Centrepiece
Fiona Low Centrepiece
Ellie Blossom Centrepiece
Large Blossom Highlight
Large Blossom Arrangement with Clear Vase, Clear Riser Base + Blossoms inside.
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