Tall Celine Crystal Vase
110mm (di) x 150mm (h)
Small Amelia Crystal Vase
135mm (di) x 110mm (h)
Medium Amelia Crystal Vase
150mm (di) x 160mm (h)
Large Amelia Crystal Vase
245mm (di) x 210mm (h)
Blair Clear Vase
81cm Height
Cleopatra Clear Vase
65cm In Height. One of our sturdiest and heaviest vases.

Stunning as a vase, or upside down as a pedestal base.
Flute Clear Vase
60cm In Height.
Stunning as a vase, or upside down as a pedestal base.
80x10cm Cylinder Vase
Siniorita Vase
Ariel Vase
31 x 24cm
White Glass Vase
Brittany Gold Vase
65cm Tall - Solid and Sturdy - Metal Material
Gold Luxe Goblet Vase
98cm Gold Luxe Floral
98cm Vase Alone or
+ Florals (Optional)
75cm Gold Luxe Vase
50cm Gold Luxe Vase
98cm Silver Luxe Vase
75cm Silver Luxe Vase
50cm Silver Luxe Vase
40cm Rose Gold Crystal Vase
30cm Rose Gold Vase
30cm Copper Ripple Vase
20cm Copper Ripple Vase
Copper Hurricane Vase
40cm Gold Crystal Vase
30cm Gold Crystal Vase
Gold 30cm Rippled Vase
12D x 30cm H
20cm Gold Rippled Vase
12D x 20cm H
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