Mirrored Plinths | Risers | Cubes

90cm Bevelled Mirror Plinth
30cm x 30cm x 90cm
75cm Bevelled Mirror Plinth
30cm x 30cm x 75cm
40cm Bevelled Mirror Plinth
30cm x 30cm x 40cm
30cm Mirrored Riser
90cm Mirrored Plinth
More than 8 in Stock
75cm Mirrored Plinth
60cm Mirrored Plinth
More than 4 in Stock
60cm Mirrored Cube
Cake Mirrored Cube
120cm Gold Mirrored Plinth
1200mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 250mm (d)
90cm Gold Mirrored Plinth
900mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 350mm (d)
75cm Gold Mirrored Plinth
750mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 350mm (d)
60cm Gold Mirrored Plinth
600mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 250mm (d)
90cmcm Gold Pyramid
60cm Mirrored Pyramid
Available sizes:
50cm Mirrored Pyramid
40cm Mirrored Pyramid
Gold Cube Riser
30cm x 30cm x 15cm
20cm Mirrored Riser
10cm Mirrored Riser
10cm Round Mirrored Riser
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