King Tables

Marina King Table
Bohemian Casper Centrepiece
Clear Casper & Baubles
For King Tables & Round / Oval Guest Tables
**Florals Customisable
**Glass Baubles Additional
Orchid Casper Centrepiece
For King Tables & Round / Oval Guest Tables
**Florals Customisable
**Glass Baubles Additional
Kristina King Table
Selena King Table
Julie King Table
- Gold Crystal Candelabra's
- Gold Candle Holders (2 sizes)
- Sections of Floral Hedges
Annette King Table
Orchid King Table
Foliage Runner King Table
Sofia King Table
Krystal King Table
Marlie King Table
Crystal Candelabra's & Floral Runner in small vases
Savannah King Table
Clear Vases of Orchids & Candle Array
Patrice King Table
Floral & Candle Array
Nelly King Table
Small brass vintage vases with floral arrangements
Natalya King Table
Exotic Fuchsia & Rose Gold Array
Ava King Table
Peachy Pink Florals with Rose Gold Array
Jacinta King Table
Gold Crystal Candelabra's, Vase with Floral Arrangement, Candle Clusters at base
Polly King Table
Squared & Rectangular Vase Array with Florals & Candle Clusters
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